Entrance to Hades
Paddling Cape Tenaron, Greece
As most of you know we have been stand up paddling for over 8 years now. During these past 8 years we have been able to SUP both domestically and internationally. Up until a couple of years ago we had been unable to find a good traveling paddle that did not break or weighed “a ton”. This all changed a little over 2 years with the Sawyer 3-piece paddles.

There are two main designs available in the Sawyer Travel series.

The one we started with and are still loving is the Mana Quickdraw Traveler. This paddle is light-weight and it can fit perfectly into an inflatable paddle board backpack or very easily attach to a day-pack. Sawyer says that this paddle utilizes their streamlined Lever Lock adjustable grip system for “On-the-Fly” adjustability in conjunction with their TiteSet connection system to provide a quick and easy break down section in the lower shaft.

What this means, in our words, is that we can easily put it together and take it apart in a matter of seconds.

Sawyer Mana Quickdraw Travelers
The Sawyer Mana Quickdraw Travelers
Main Specs:

— Carbon fiber 3-piece travel SUP paddle.
— Laminated wood blades reinforced with fiberglass.
— 11° bent shaft.
— Lower shaft TiteSet connection system.
— QuickDraw Adjustable Grip.
— Available in 3 profiles.

The second design, the Storm Quickdraw Traveler features a lower price and a stronger blade. Sawyer says that the paddle has an Ultra-tough CFRT (Continuous Fiber-Tech Reinforced) construction blade with a fiberglass shaft.

What this means, in our words, is that we were able to use it in rivers and rocky beaches.

Paddling Platamonas, Greece
Paddling Platamonas, Greece
Main Specs:

— Ultra-tough 3-piece composite SUP paddle.
— Molded CFRT blade available in two sizes.
— 11° bent tubular fiberglass shaft.
— TiteSet break-down connection system.
— Lever Lock Adjustable Grip.

There is no other travel paddle that can even come close in comparison to these two paddles.


The SUP Guide & Adventure Store’s primary goal is to introduce and educate people on how to get on the water and stand up paddle safely. We are primarily a SUP GUIDE and outfitter location. We paddle almost every day, we have no sales pitch, only great advice on paddling! We pour our time and energy into the water and stand up paddling. For us, this is a lot more than a business, it is a lifestyle. So, please check out our store on Madeira Beach or our online inventory at

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Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Shreem Lakshmi Ragachchha Gachchh Mam Mandire Tishth Tishth Swaha

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